About Us

Radio Verulam is provided by Verulam Community Radio Limited, a not for profit company limited by guarantee. We rely on the loyalty of our audience, our supporters and sponsors. We need your assistance to help your local radio station to grow.

To donate via cheque, please make the cheque payable to Radio Verulam, PO Box 1092, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 9QB.

If you would like to work as volunteer contact us at 01727 839926 or by email volunteers@radioverulam.com

How We Are Funded

We fund our operations and expansion through advertising and sponsorship, membership and occasional grants from funders like St Albans District Council. We keep our operating costs as low as possible by being a not for profit organisation and relying on our 90 or so volunteers to keep our 24 hour a day operation running.

If you would like to help us, you can donate through Paypal:

Our Aims

We provide a local service of music and speech for people living, working, being educated or visiting West Hertfordshire. Our programmes are all produced and introduced by our trained volunteers and can be heard on 92.6FM in and around St Albans and on the Internet at www.radioverulam.com

We aim

1 To provide services highly relevant to people in West Hertfordshire, informing them what is happening in their locality and how they can participate, especially as volunteers;


Radio Verulam is operated by Verulam Community Radio Limited (VCRL), a Company Limited by Guarantee. Membership of VCRL is open to anyone living, working, being educated or with an interest in St Albans and the surrounding areas of West Hertfordshire. Members can be local individuals, voluntary organisations, schools, churches, clubs and societies or businesses who support our aims.

How We Started

Radio Verulam began with a spark of an idea - the idea that St Albans might benefit from a radio station designed specifically for the diverse community of this historic city. St Albans lies within the M25 commuter belt, with many residents travelling into London daily. Many of these commuters have moved into St Albans from London, seeking the sense of community that the Metropolis sometimes lacks. These relative newcomers live alongside locals, many of whom have a long family history in St Albans.