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Lunchtime Verulam - Today with John B-S 12-2pm

Fresh from covering Verulam Rocks for Sylvia at the weekend, I am back with my usual show and my bad behaviour which involves playing a lot of great music and talking over much of it or worse still, laughing at my own jokes or just talking complete nonsense! You don't believe me? Well it's true, but I can promise you some great pop oldies, classic hits & album tracks, soul, funk, punk, reggae, rock and the best of the new releases plus local info, news, sport and travel. Join me from 12 noon right here on 92.6 FM Radio Verulam.

Verulam Rocks - 6pm Tonight with John B-S

While Sylvia Fountain takes a week off I will be presenting Verulam Rocks. Two hours of the best in rock, metal and blues. For the past few days I have been making a lot of noise in a darkened room to find the very best possible music I can to give you a truly varied and exciting rock show. This may well include tracks from Argent, Led Zeppelin (BBC sessions), Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pat Benatar, Barclay James Harvest, B.B.King, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey, The Who, Meatloaf and more.

Lunchtime Verulam - Today with John B-S 12-2pm

It's the 2nd June so we are officially into summer! Despite this the football season continues. Arsenal won the Women's FA Cup Final and the World Cup is only 2 weeks away. Personally I am enjoying the cricket and the tennis. Actually I am not doing a sports show but playing you a fine selection of music and entertaining you with local news, what's on in St Albans & West Herts, good conversation and trivia. I can tell you it's 61 years since the Queen's Coronation though another radio station has already got this wrong - I will name and shame later. Do tune in at 12 today - it's going to be fun!

Lunchtime Verulam with John B-S 12-2pm Today

I'm feeling excited today as it will be my first show from our new studio. One or two things could go wrong and I might even have to read the news! I am really looking forward to it. It's a beautiful Monday morning and we are in an office block just off the London Road with a stunning view across the city centre, here in St Albans. Not that this will make a blind bit of difference to you as you listen to your radio on 92.6 FM or online!

Lunchtime Verulam - Today with John B-S 12-2pm

Yes, I'm back and I have been watching a bit of breakfast telly. I'll let you know what I really think of the new show on ITV. I also pay tribute to another broadcasting legend. Plenty to talk about with local news, sport, info & travel for St Albans and West Herts. I also have some of the finest music around for you today. As always your tweets and email dedications are welcome or you can even pick up the phone. I'll tell you how when I come on air at 12 noon. I do hope you'll join me.

Lunchtime Verulam with John B-S 12-2pm Monday

With Passover starting today and Easter just around the corner there's plenty to celebrate. I do so every Monday by coming on to your radio and playing you two hours of the best music I can find and giving you some general entertainment. We have local news, sport, information and travel, some trivia and topical comment. I may also get a report from London today. As always your dedications are welcome on St Albans 839926, you can email or tweet @RVLunchtime. It all starts at 12 noon.