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Lord Williams visits St Albans for Christian Aid Week

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Rowan Williams, to launch
annual St Albans’ Christian Aid Week fundraising collection at St
Albans Cathedral
Lord Rowan Williams, Chair of Christian Aid and former Archbishop of Canterbury, will be
preaching at the 9.30 and 11.15am services at St Albans Cathedral next Sunday, 15 May, to
mark the start of the annual Christian Aid Week house-to-house collection and associated
fund raising events.
St Peter’s Church will later that day be hosting the annual Christian Aid Ecumenical

It's the menage a trois of Sport.....St Albans goes Triathlon crazy

Sunday Lunch goes all energetic this week as Jonny helps St Albans get ready for all the forth coming Triathlon action later this month. After 1pm he will be chatting to Ravi Dighe from the Triathlon training company Tri One about their forthcoming event at Sandringham School and the Mayor’s Triathlon at Westminister Lodge. Plus we head to Israel for Sunday Lunch around the World, play another round of St Albans v The World and indulge on some great music. The perfect accompaniment to your Sunday Lunch starts midday Sunday here on Radio Verulam!!!

Sunday Lunch with the 'local' Thompson

Jonny Seabrook returns midday on Sunday for another portion of the Radio Verulam Sunday Lunch. This week he will be chatting to local celebrity chef Phil Thompson. Phil will be filling us in on his up coming charity event on Tuesday 24th May where he's cooking with fellow celebrity chef Philip Howard.
The evening will be held in support of Bill Cooke and St Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham. Bill, who has been recently diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, is the father of THOMPSON chef Paul and his brother Mark, who worked with Phil for six years.

The Numbers Up on Sunday Lunch

Jonny will be back to keep you company during your Sunday Lunch from midday. This week Mr D, the numberman will be back after 1pm for some local number fun. In this weeks Sunday Lunch Around the World we'll be heading to Peru. There’s another round of St Albans v the World and the score is 10-6 to St Albans....of course! It all starts at midday this Sunday from midday here on your radio.

Do It Yourself Sunday Lunch

Jonny will be joined by DIY Rob this Sunday to hopefully get some helpful advice on those little jobs that need doing. Plus we head to the Cameroon for Sunday Lunch around the world. 90s Indie gods James feature in Now and Then and we’re moving onto another challenge in week 17 of St Albans v the World. It all starts at midday Sunday…..the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday Lunch!