Cecilia Crossley of From Babies With Love - a local social enterprise!

We were joined in the studio by Cecilia Crossley, founder of From Babies With Love (http://frombabieswithlove.com/) , which sells beautiful baby clothes with all the profits going to the charity SOS Children. While on maternity leave and shopping for clothes for her son, Cecilia started to wonder why charities limited themselves to selling used clothes cheaply, and didn't sell new clothes and give the profits to charity. This provided the inspiration for her to start From Babies With Love: the first online baby clothes retailer to donate all its profits to charity. She started the business using her savings, and everyone working on it is a volunteer.

From Babies With Love sells clothes for babies up to 2 years, all made from organic cotton which Cecilia describes as being softer and more durable than other fabrics, meaning the clothes last longer. It's also free from pesticides and therefore better for those growing the cotton and manufacturing the clothes.

The profits are are going to the charity SOS Children, who run 'children's villages' around the world, where foster mums care for abandoned and orphaned children, giving them a loving family, with SOS mums and foster siblings. See http://www.soschildren.org/ for full details.

Make sure to visit Cecilia's website: http://frombabieswithlove.com/