Is God Real? Find out on Faith Alive with Elspeth Jackman 2pm Sunday 21st October 2012

On Sunday afternoon,whether for you it's shopping or taking the kids to football, you could be listening to a different sort of programme .Between 2pm and 4pm, I play contemporary Christian music and talk to local people about what they believe or don't believe in the programme FAITH ALIVE!

This Sunday 21st October, my guest Trevor Withers and I discuss an experiment set up to prove that God is real - some atheists agree to pray to God for 3 minutes each day. I also talk to Rob Gurton, who tells of the amazing experience of God he had when he was younger.

And don't forget the regular items like the Religious Newsround and some Personal Perspectives!

That's FAITH ALIVE Sunday 2 - 4pm - Try it, you might like it!