Radio Verulam has launched a brand new listen again service. It is now possible to listen to all of our local programmes when you want. Programme Controller, Nick Hazell said “This is another way we can bring our programmes to a wider audience. If you’re a local parent but can’t listen on a Thursday evening at 8pm, now you have the chance to hear The Parents Show any time you want on your PC. Or maybe you missed yesterday’s Verulam Breakfast but want to catch up later. We are very excited about offering this new service and expect people from all over the country to start using it”.

The station, broadcasting from St Albans on 92.6FM since 2007, decided to build the service themselves. Nick told us' “We successfully launched our new website last September, which was built by a small team of volunteers, led by our Drivetime presenter Danny Smith. We were so impressed with what was accomplished for virtually no cost whatsoever that we asked Danny if it was possible to add a Listen Again facility.”

St Albans resident Danny Smith, 27, takes up the tale, “I didn't know much about websites but this time last year we had to build a brand new one from scratch so I bought a teach-yourself book and learned as I went along. Fortunately, we have a couple of volunteers who are experts in IT who I could call upon and between us, we got the new site up-and-running in no time. When Nick asked about a Listen Again facility I thought we'd give it a go – and it works!”

Danny continued, “We were thrilled to have pop sensations the Noisettes on last night's (Wednesday 8th August) show and now, those who missed the interview have a week to go to our site and enjoy it.”

The Listen Again service is available at the Radio Verulam website by going to or by clicking "Listen Again" on the menu at the top of the page.