Our Aims

We provide a local service of music and speech for people living, working, being educated or visiting West Hertfordshire. Our programmes are all produced and introduced by our trained volunteers and can be heard on 92.6FM in and around St Albans and on the Internet at www.radioverulam.com

We aim

1 To provide services highly relevant to people in West Hertfordshire, informing them what is happening in their locality and how they can participate, especially as volunteers;

2 To work in partnership with local voluntary organisations to help them achieve their own objectives by publicising their activities and encouraging listeners to join them or support them in other ways;

3 To open up the local airwaves to new and creative talent by training local people in radio broadcasting skills;

4 To enable vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the area to find out about services and support which they can access;

5 To feature voluntary activities which are popular but get little coverage in other radio services, such as Scouts/Guides, local sports, gardening or cycling.