Radio Verulam is looking for local people to try their hand as voice-over artists

We are looking for local people to lend their voice to our various announcements. Nick Hazell, the station's Programme Controller said, "Our Community Announcements are crucial to the work we do but we want to liven them up a bit and try some different voices. " Local non-profit organisations, clubs, societies, etc can become Community Partners with Radio Verulam. As part of their membership they receive a short announcement that gets played on rotation throughout the week.

Nick added, "We love the fact that so many organisations are partnering up with us, as this allows us to be their voice and share with our community the important work they do. As each organisation joins us, we need to record a new announcement. Also, some of our long-standing Partners' announcements could do with being spruced up."

If you would be interested in lending your voice to Radio Verulam email and he will get back to you.