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  • Daughter of drug addict to live with family member
    A toddler abandoned by her drug addict mother should live with a relative and her husband, the Family Court has ruled. The little girl was referred to as ‘X’ in court rulings. She had spent much of her life in foster care, until ‘Y’, an extended family member, took on ... read more
    Published on 11-21-2017
    5 hours ago
  • Surrogate mother loses care of child
    A surrogate mother has lost the right to care for a child she gave birth to. The woman met a gay couple online and entered into a surrogacy agreement with them back in 2015. However, during the pregnancy she and her husband changed their minds about giving up the child, ... read more
    Published on 11-21-2017
    13 hours ago
  • What we really mean by ‘common law marriage’
    Most of us have better things to do on a Saturday night than think about law. Go out for a drink, watch a film, or even watch the mind-numbing Strictly Come Dancing, if that is really your thing. Okay, perhaps the last of those is not better than thinking about ... read more
    Published on 11-20-2017
    1 day ago
  • Cafcass proposes new parental alienation measures
    The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) has proposed new measures to deal with the issue of parental alienation. Following a divorce or separation, if one parent deliberately tries to prevent their children from seeing or establishing a relationship with the other, this is parental alienation. It ... read more
    Published on 11-20-2017
    1 day ago
  • Fighting to see your grandchildren?
    When someone becomes a grandparent, it’s generally a very happy event and nobody expects to one day find themselves fighting to even see the adorable kids in question. But sadly for all concerned – not least the children themselves – grandparents can and do find themselves shut out. If their ... read more
    Published on 11-19-2017
    3 days ago