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  • Wedding photographers offer tips on spotting divorce
    Wedding photographers offer tips on spotting divorce A new article on The Huffington Post offers a wedding photographer’s eye view on the dynamics of the big day. Professional photographers from across the United States recount their experiences amongst the confetti and champagne and suggest that, with careful observation, it’s sometimes ... read more
    Published on 02-20-2018
    21 hours ago
  • Adoption order set aside after mother claimed not to know father’s identity
    “… an adoption order is one of the most, if not the most, significant and, in human terms, far-reaching of all orders available to a judge in any jurisdiction in England and Wales. An adoption order has a quite different standing to almost any other order made by a court ... read more
    Published on 02-20-2018
    1 day ago
  • Supreme Court to consider court role in coma cases
    The Supreme Court is to consider whether or not hospitals must always seek court approval to withdraw medically delivered food and drink from patients who have fallen into comas and similar states without hope of recovery. Justices there have granted the Official Solicitor permission to appeal the case of ‘Mr ... read more
    Published on 02-19-2018
    2 days ago
  • No-fault divorce will not spell the end of civilisation
    Yet again I find myself basing a post upon something I came across on Twitter. Clearly, Twitter is a better source of legal information and debate than I had given it credit… I also find myself discussing once again the views espoused by The Conservative Woman. As I have professed ... read more
    Published on 02-19-2018
    2 days ago
  • High Court considers fraudulent divorce claim
    The estranged wife of a wealthy Russian businessman has claimed she knew nothing about a divorce he says took place more than 11 years ago. At a preliminary High Court hearing this week, the woman insisted she had no knowledge of the “fraudulent” divorce in Russia before discovering documents in ... read more
    Published on 02-17-2018
    4 days ago