Annoyed by aircraft noise – read on… Environment, Travel on Environment Matters

John Hale of campaign group St.Quieter Skies joined Amanda Yorwerth on Environment Matters to explain why, if you are disturbed by aircraft flying over St.Albans, you should complain to Luton Airport now.

Following the implementation of a new flight path by planes taking off from Luton which has resulted in more flights over Sandridge and the north of St.Albans, the Civil Aviation Authority is conducting a review. They’ll be taking into account complaints made between February and the end of September this year, so even if you have complained before, if you are disturbed by aircraft noise, you should complain now.

With recent Freedom of Information requests showing that Luton Airport is considering expanding from its current maximum of 18 million passengers per year to 24 million, aircraft noise is likely to be on the increase too.

You can complain to Luton Airport by emailing or phoning 01582 395382, giving your name, address, postcode and explaining how you are affected.

Or you can complain about specific flights using Luton’s online tracking system

Your options are also laid out here.

And if you’d like to find out more about STAQ’s campaign, visit their website¬†or their Facebook page.