Are foxes over running St.Albans? Environment on Environment Matters

Probably not, according to Llewellyn Lowen of the RSPCA when he spoke to Amanda Yorwerth on Environment Matters. He explained that foxes have been part of the urban environment for decades, and their numbers are generally stable. If we are seeing more foxes around there are likely to be a couple reasons.

Firstly, a lethal outbreak of sarcoptic mange killed a lot of urban foxes and St.Albans foxes might be on the bounce back after a drop in numbers.

Urban foxes, unlike their country cousins, are not nocturnal, and venture out both at day and night. So we’re more likely to see them in our gardens and streets.

Also erroneous is the belief that urban foxes live off the contents of bins. In fact they have a varied diet including worms and beetles, scavanged pet food, fruit like fallen apples and small mammals like rats. Food put out for them can also be a big part of their diet.

In general foxes don’t pose a threat to us, but they can make a mess digging in the garden, and they will eat small pets that are not securely housed. If you’d rather they didn’t live in your garden there are effective deterrents available and temporarily clearing vegetation where foxes are hiding is usually enough to repel them. Also, clearing up spilled pet food and fruit like fallen apples will remove an obvious attraction.

There’s lots more information available on the Fox Website.

A big thank you to Dianna Garrett for the photo of the fox making himself at home in her garden.