Have you seen any butterflies? Environment, Family, Fun on Environment Matters

Butterflies are an essential part of the ecosystem – they are pollinators for many flowers that we love and their caterpillars provide food for many birds. Not only that but they are very sensitive to environmental changes and so are a good indicator of the health of the environment. But most of all, they are a beautiful and enchanting part of our gardens and countryside.

Measuring the ups and downs in butterfly numbers is not easy for any one person to do. And that’s why Hertfordshire and Middlesex Butterfly Conservation are asking for your help.

If you have just 15 minutes in a sunny spot – perhaps during your lunch time, or whilst you’re out for a walk with the kids – then you can help by reporting the butterflies you spot.

You can help with the Big Butterfly Count which is a national count and has great ID charts and an app for you to use. It also has great ideas for getting children involved too.

Plus you can report your sightings to Herts and Middx Butterfly Conservation who are always interested in local sightings. In particular, they’d be interested to know if you’ve seen a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly or one of the blue butterflies.

What ever you see you’ll be contributing towards important monitoring – and enjoying the sight of some of our most beautiful insects.