Reverend Rosemary needs your help for the St.Albans Green Directory Charity, Community, Environment, Faith, Older People, Support on Environment Matters

If you’ve had to clear a relative’s house, then you’ll know how hard it can be finding a good home for all those treasured belongings.

Reverend Rosemary Fletcher of Marlborough Road Methodist Church was in just that situation, and she was determined that everything would find a home where it would be needed and appreciated. It took ages, and  so, to make things easier for other people in the same situation she came up with the idea of the  St.Albans Green Directory. It lists the kind of things you are likely to have to give away, and suggests organizations, charities and groups that could make good use of each one. So if you’re struggling to find a home for unwanted items, then take a look in the St.Albans Green Directory

However, Rosemary asks for your help in making the Directory even better. Do you know of a good cause that needs something in particular? Wool for a knitting group? Magazines for a craft group? Hats for dressing up at a play group? Pans for young people setting up a new home?

Whatever it is then email so that Rosemary’s team can update the Green Directory and ensure that when our loved ones die their belongings can go on to do good things.