St.Albans Film Festival – Tomorrow is a breath of fresh air Community, Education, Environment, Film, Food and Drink, Fun on Environment Matters
I went to the Thursday showing of Tomorrow. Here’s what I found….
Appalled by scientific predictions of where humans are taking the planet, a group of French film makers, many with children, are inspired to do what they can – make a film.
They travel the world, recording the stories of people who are already doing things differently, leading the way.
We see people in Detroit where flourishing farms replace derelict car factories, and see how on the tiny island of Reunion where they have become self sufficient in energy.
San Fransisco is the unlikely centre of some leading recycling.
But the film doesn’t stop there, covering just the same old sustainability issues.
We see a company in France that sees the economy in a totally different way, and a school in Finland educating children using methods that look very different to our schools. Not only that, but in these politically volcanic times we see people in Iceland who got together to redefine democracy.
Whilst we’re jolted to attention by being reminded of the utmost severity of our situation this is not the film equivalent of a good telling off. This is a film about smiling, positive people who are enjoying a new way of doing things. Not only have they found solutions to our most pressing environmental problems, they are also enjoying many more benefits as a result.
There are plenty of arresting statistics showing the perversity of the current situation and we’re challenged to ask fundamental questions, like where does money come from? Are big farms the best way to produce food? Do we live in a democracy?
After the film I felt positive, uplifted – inspired and it was clear from the short discussion afterwards that other members of the audience felt the same.
You can see Tomorrow on Saturday 8th July at 7.30pm at St.Paul’s Church on Hatfield Road.