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Students from the University of Hertfordshire Hockey Club are gearing up for a shot at a Guinness World Record.

It is one of my privileges as one of the Presenters and Producers of Verulam Sport to speak with and interview some top, top sports people who truly understand the values of dedication, commitment and perseverance. Last Saturday we spoke to Anna Hinsley a member of the University of Hertfordshire Hockey Club who are going to need all these qualities in hyper abundance as they work towards a mammoth non stop round of hockey.

They are aiming to smash the current record of 56 straight hours (just think about that for a moment) by playing for 60 consecutive hours between May 20th and May 22nd.

This endeavour, which will stretch them to extremes both physically and mentally is not merely for the pursuit of glory or personal triumph but is all being done for an exceptional local cause.

The team are trying to raise £3,000 for Herts Young Homeless Charity and we will be hearing more about this wonderful endeavour over the next few weeks on Verulam Sport Saturday 4-6pm but you can get involved and offer your support or find more information by checking out the below link:


A truly champion effort; championing a truly great cause.