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We love St Albans…and we know you do too


We love St Albans…our great city, its vibrant culture, thriving business community, its shops, community organisations, parks and open spaces.

And what a place to love!  A high proportion of ABC1 people live and work here, with much higher than average disposable income and they have a real passion for things local.  That’s why you need reach out to them every day on the radio and on social media.

Radio is there all day, all the time…in the car, on the school run, in the office, in shops and at home.  You can harness the power of this pervasive medium for less investment than you might think.

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“ I used Radio Verulam to advertise a project we were supporting that was taking place in the St Albans area. They were chosen as the audience closely fitted the required demographic for the client’s purposes. I was more than impressed with the suggestions the team provided at the design stage and the resulting radio advert was superb and sounded extremely professional. It was very well received by the client and brought increased attendance at the event. A good experience as far as I was concerned and would be very happy to use their production and broadcast services again”.

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“We loved working with Radio Verulam as not only were the team really proactive and shared information quickly with us from start to finish without prompting, but we also got great results from the campaign with far more reach than we expected and precious opt in data at the end of it as well – this made ROI positive and proving it easy.”


With a coverage area of around 150,000 people and an area local enough to be affordable, we have a unique proposition for businesses which want to be a part of the local community and get their message across to people in a locally targeted way.

St Albans is one of the most active areas of the UK in terms of social media engagement and we’ve got it covered.  With over 5,000 twitter followers and a sizeable facebook audience, we can reach the people important to you in a way which is embedded in our community.

Allied with our website as a resource for people in the area, and advertising on the radio, it’s a powerful combination.