Do you want clean air to breath in St.Albans? Environment, Health, Motoring on Environment Matters

St.Albans Friends of the Earth, St.Albans Green Party and even the council themselves have repeatedly measured levels of air pollution at levels exceeding EU legal limits – it’s not just London and Delhi that have harmful levels of air pollution – and it’s an issue that has come up numerous times on Environment Matters.

As Sheila Wright from St.Albans Friends of the Earth explained, this is bad news as studies are showing that these gases and particulates don’t just affect our lungs, but also exacerbate allergies and increase our risk of heart disease and cancer. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Which is why St.Albans Friends of the Earth have launched a petition asking St.Albans District Council to clean up the air around St.Albans. Sheila explained that there are lots of measures the Council could take to reduce air pollution if they understand that it’s of concern to us.

The petition closes on 5th January.