Help Ruby Kickstart the UK’s first period underwear Business, Environment, Health, Local Business, Shopping, Women on Environment Matters

St.Albans entrepreneur Ruby Raut is launching WUKA wear, the UK’s first period underwear.

She explained to Amanda on Environment Matters how, from her prototypes, she has now developed a design that all her testers found to be comfortable and effective. The styling is deliberately androgynous – this underwear is great for anyone who is menstruating, whether they see themselves as female or perhaps not.

Ruby has worked hard to stick to the high environmental and ethical standards she set herself : the underwear will replace environment damaging disposables; the fabrics she uses are derived from beech wood and the factory where they are made treats it workers ethically.

To get her business off the ground, Ruby has a Kickstarter fund which is open until 10th December. Contributing to the fund gives you discounts on WUKA wear and there is a great scheme for employers to provide WUKA wear for their employees too.