Quirky and unusual – why second hand isn’t second best Business, Charity, Environment, Local Business, Money on Environment Matters

With Christmas coming up we’re all searching for Xmas presents with a difference – and we often forget that second hand purchases can be a great option.

Obviously our money goes a lot further, and they’re fantastic for the enviroment but there’s much more to second hand than that. Pre-loved gifts can be quirky, retro and unique and because you can’t just pick them up in standard shops they give you the chance to support smaller businesses.

There’s the Oxfam bookshop with it’s wonderfully collectible books, and a whole host of fantastic charity shops where you can find some hidden gems, but how about a bike reconditioned and styled to your specification?

Richard from Botox Bikes¬†¬†explained to Amanda on Environment Matters how his bikes are not only affordable and carefully fitted but can be as individualized and styled to your requirement. Older bikes are often better made and more durable than modern varieties, too . He has all sorts of examples of beautiful retro bikes that you certainly can’t buy in a standard shop.

And on a more practical level, if you have a houseful over Xmas, why not try Emmaus for any extra furniture you need and a charity shop for extra crockery or cutlery!

Go on, give it a go. Second hand certainly isn’t second best!