Refuse the Straw!

Emma decided to make a start on cutting plastic waste in St.Albans when she hear of Plastic Free July.

Whilst straws might seem small and insignificant, they all add up to a lot of unnecessary plastic that most of us can easily do without.

All you need to do is to politely refuse a straw if you’re offered one in a bar or restaurant. No need to go in with any heavy pontificating – if enough of us demonstrate that we don’t want to be given a straw, then the business will stop offering them. Which will all add up to less plastic being used and less plastic ending up in the environment.

Emma says that lots of businesses have been very supportive of her campaign and are planning to just offer compostable straws to those who need them.

And if you have a medical requirement for a straw, or retaining your lipstick is a priority, then why not keep your own reusable straw with you. There are lots to choose from.

Please support Emma’s campaign and visit her on social media Twitter @starefusethestraw Facebook St Albans #refusethestraw